Laser rejuvenation: restore the skin from the inside

Age-related changes of facial skin

What is the secret of the effectiveness of laser skin tightening? How it works and how they differ from surgical? Why is the method of fractional thermolysis recognized as the gold standard of anti-age cosmetics? Reveal all the secrets of the laser rejuvenation is us the head of a beautician.

Wrinkles: where do they come from?

The cells of our skin is constantly updated – the entire life cycle of the cell is only about 4 weeks. After this time the cell is born, gradually progresses from a skin depth on its surface, die off and falls away. For seventy years, our bodies change, approximately 850 generations of cells, and this process not for one minute is not updated. So, by the cells of the skin will never get old. Then why on the face appear all the wrinkles and folds?

What is the cause of aging?

  • The process of aging and weakness of the skin occurs as a result of the slowdown in the major exchange processes and synthesis. The older we get, the "lazier" they are our cells. They synthesize less of the biologically active substances: hyaluronic acid, proteins elastin, collagen and reticulin, which are responsible for the elasticity and hydration of the skin.
  • Gradually, the deficit of the structural fibers, the skin becomes more pronounced, as a result, our skin looks dull, thinning and dry. Raises the question – is it possible to wake up our cells and again to make them work?

How to restore the correct rhythm of work cells?

There are various ways to restore the skin structure and accelerate the metabolic processes. Injury – one of the most effective methods of stress effects on the skin, which effectively stimulates these processes. For the understanding of this process is enough to understand how the process of recovery skin at the site of injection. Imagine that You pricked your finger. In response to injury the body immediately turns on the mode of rapid recovery, as soon as possible to remove the wound. For this triggers the enhanced synthesis of collagen, from which it is, in essence, is the connective tissue.

Our organism is able to own forces to solve the problem of wrinkles, The exposure of the laser on the skinhis you just need to push

The fact that the holes all over the surface of the skin, we create a large number of centers of regeneration, that will work on the restoration of the trauma and at the same time to restore reserves of collagen and other proteins that make up the elastic of skin, frame. Exactly this principle is in many of the traditional methodologies of injection cosmetology (mesotherapy, biorevitalization, etc.)

You may ask – and what is laser rejuvenation? Everything is very simple! It works on the same principle, only instead of needles is used, a thin high temperature beam!

The restoration of the skin with a laser. How does laser rejuvenation

The signal for starting the regeneration process of skin cells can serve as thermal exposure. In the course of the fractional thermolysis, the beam penetrates into the skin to the desired depth and literally evaporate the cells in a small area, creating a spot burns. In response, the body starts the processes of emergency recovery.

The procedure of laser rejuvenation

Such laser procedure is performed under local anesthesia, maximum comfortable and safe for the patient. With its help you can successfully solve a number of tasks:

  • to improve the flexibility and tone of skin;
  • get rid of skin wrinkles;
  • to remove vascular asterisks and pigment spots;
  • remove scars from acne (acne);
  • to return healthy color to your face.

Long-time world practice has shown high effectiveness of methods of laser rejuvenation. Today, this procedure is used as the gold standard efficiency with which it is constantly trying to compare other cosmetic methods and means!

The best laser – what is it?

Experts-cosmeticians around the world recognize CO2 lasers are the most effective and safe. Despite the fact that the universe is constantly evolving, arise constantly new their modifications. For clinics uses the latest laser system – probably the most advanced existing today:

  • First of all, it allows you to shorten the period of treatment to a minimum.
  • Secondly, the procedure is on it at least painless.
  • And what is the most important! It allows you to achieve fantastic results!

To their patients recommend her! Unlike many laser systems, has a flexible choice of modes. This makes it possible to adjust the intensity and depth of impact of the beam taking into account all the individual characteristics of the skin of the patient, facing the beautician task.

It is important that the procedure of laser rejuvenation on this unit takes place quickly and comfortably: the skin is processed in a special order such that two neighboring points are not heated at the same time, because it can cause burns. Such program processing is called the Z-algorithm. It allows you to minimize the soreness after the procedure, the removal of the swelling and shortening of the recovery period in 2-7 days (depending on the purpose of the proceedings).

Planning the procedure of fractional thermolysis is necessary to remember that:

  • When choosing a device it is necessary to give preference to the CO2 laser. Specialists of the clinic are advised to use a system that has passed all necessary tests and has already managed to prove its great efficiency!
  • After the treatment it is necessary to short rehabilitation and minimal extra care of your skin, using special funds.
  • The rehabilitation process painless, comfortable and a short (2 to 7 days).
  • The result of the fractional thermolysis significant and long-term. The effect will be noticeable after a week and will continue to grow in the course of 3-6 months. If necessary, the procedure can be repeated.